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Noel Beckers

BU Manager Application Services & Industrialisation

Today there is a lot of pressure from business on IT : disruptive business models that are a threat, applications that don’t correspond to the business needs, websites that are not showing the content on all devices as you would like…

Gfi Application Services helps companies to increase their business agility, by developing applications in close collaboration with your business people, to serve their needs and add the most possible business value, in an agile industrialised way and for all devices you need.

Agile fixed price development : a contradiction ?

You have a fixed budget for the development of an application, but your requirements change constantly and also during the course of a project.  Gfi can answer your need with an agile fixed price development.

Industrialisation in maintenance, development and testing

Finding and keeping the right people to develop, test and maintain your applications is more difficult then ever.  Yet your business needs grow, and you need to deliver higher quality for less budget.  With the Gfi Service Centers in France, Spain, Portugal and Maroc, we industrialise maintenance, development and testing of your applications, at a reduced cost.

Digital Enterprise – offer the best customer experience

Your customers are in the driving seat, and you want their experience to be the best, no matter where they are and what device they use.  We can integrate your applications with your website, and build on top of the web content management solution of your choice, to have full responsive websites.

System Conversion Migration

Upgrading your system to take advantage of the latest improvements in computer hardware and software is frequently desirable, often necessary. But the price of change can be a costly, time-consuming, and complicated rewrite or conversion involving numerous unfamiliar activities.

Gfi developed an industrial approach to system conversion which avoids many of the disadvantages of conventional conversion, achieves many of the benefits of a custom rewrite, and can save you time, money, and manpower. This unique approach, uses an extensive library of specialized software and advanced programming and testing methods. This methodology and tools ensure that the migrated programs will produce output functionally equivalent to that produced by the original programs.


Data migration

Gfi has developed specific migration tools and a clear methodology to industrialize data migrations. The ADP toolset consists of a suite of integrated tools aiming at a productivity and quality gain on all the tasks related to the migration of data. Its specificity is to manipulate large volumes of data in a limited time and to propose for this a method of specifications and simple validations based on data models.

Gfi already realized several migration projects based on its proven methodology and tools for large companies.


Reference cases

We have created a number of reference cases to give you an idea on the variety of projects we are working on. Note that customer information is not published but can be requested on demand.

Toyota Motor Europe’s new digital platform

Toyota Motor Europe’s new digital platform

Interview with Karen Peeters, Senior Manager Online Experience, Toyota Motor Europe

BNP Paribas Insurance

BNP Paribas Insurance

System conversion migration

SPW Pac-on-Web

SPW Pac-on-Web

Gfi participates in the development of an online portal to ease farmers’ agricultural land declarations

Total Contractors Portal

Total Contractors Portal

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