Some companies can stick with the same manual operations that started 30 years ago despite advances in automation technologies and operate at a ‘good enough’ level. Whether you should care depends on whether your company can thrive in a world where automation enables competitors to be easier and faster to work with than you.

Successful enterprises modernize their business operations with intelligent automation while lowering costs and increasing revenue!

Intelligent automation is transforming the way humans interact with and benefit from technology, and the way businesses operate. It is helping organizations create new personalized products and services, improve operations, reduce costs and elevate efficiency.”


BUT until now only 12% of organizations have deployed intelligent automation technology!

What can digital business automation bring to your organization?

Reduce your costs

  • Improve efficiency of your automated systems
  • Make your employees more efficient


 Increase your revenue

  • Find and develop new business models
  • New opportunities for revenue growth
  • Drive growth with enhanced customer experiences


You can apply automation to drive the right
outcomes for each style of work.
(see graphic on the right)


IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Build and run automation applications anywhere, on the cloud of your choice!
  • Build business automation services to digitize and scale work.
    For example, companies can use the tool to build a workflow service that automates an end-to-end process, including a mix of straight-through processing and human interaction.

  • Create business apps for users that interact with enterprise data, digital agents and business automation services.
    For example, a financial services company could develop an app for a loan officer to open, manage and progress loans as part of a workflow.

  • Build and deploy intelligent digital agents to automate human tasks.
    For example, the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation can help a company create a robotic process automation (RPA) bot that calls a decision service to automate customer onboarding.

  • Run it everywhere– deploy all or part of the IBM automation platform on-premises, on hybrid cloud, or managed on the IBM cloud (SaaS).

  • Start with just one market-leading capability, like task or decision automation, and evolve from there.

The IBM Cloud™ Pak for Automation includes the automation software you need to start creating and deploying modern automation applications and services — built on a common analytics layer that gives you insights into your operational data and productivity.


  • Use bots toautomate routine human tasks
  • Eliminate human error risks
  • Free your employees for higher-value tasks


  • Design and manage start-to-finishworkflows
  • Organize your sequences of human and automated activities to improve consistency across your processes.



  • Enable rapid adaptation to change in your organization, by automating decisions with clearly defined business rules!


  • Share, manage and collaborate on content!
  • Support instant access to content
  • Connect content to digital business applications
  • Help assure governance and compliance


  • Capture, classify and extract valuable data from your content!



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