About US


Located in Luxembourg since 1988, Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is a member of the GFI World family. We are considered as a software editor and integrator.

The key of our success relies on a diversification strategy. We offer a wide range of digital solutions. We can mention our consulting service, our management software development and integration department or the creation and implementation of infrastructure for example.

Gfi Luxembourg S.A. also offers a cloud storage solution that is completely safe and secure.

We have around 350 clients, mostly in Luxembourg, but we also work in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany… Our services are used in a lot of different sectors (business, industry, finance, institutions, services).

 Our recent partnership with GFI World, confirms our willingness to keep providing the best solutions possible to our customers.


Gfi Luxembourg S.A.’s solutions are dedicated to companies of all sizes. We can work with SMEs but also with international groups. These solutions are very reliable, efficient and always encounter a great success.

The feedback of our client and our partners is a key point for us when developing our own solutions.

-Sell and implement IT infrastructure

-Rflow: data management and workflows software.

-Accounting, invoicing, administrative management, ERP, CRM

-Banking Software, Back-Office, Front-Office, Security

-Fiduciary and Lawyer software, audit, compliance

-Cloud “As a Service”

-Dynamic display, mobile app, web design.

-Centralized communication, Cisco, Nec

-Custom-made solutions

-Third-party softwares (Dynatrace, Tango04, Enforcive)


    Our success and client satisfaction is due to the long experience of our experts in the IT Solutions world.

    -Technical Advices for SMEs and in the financial sector.

    -Consulting/Projects Management

    -Self-development support.

    -Analysis and implementation of the IT infrastructure of our clients.

    -Secure audit

    -Our RealCloud solution is hosted in a Tiers 4 Datacenter.


    Gfi Luxembourg S.A. delivers services in Luxembourg for the PSF entities.

    Our company works under the commercial name “REAL Solutions”, our legal entity being Gfi Luxembourg S.A. (RCS B52391, n° TVA 16509904). We have the “PSF” title since 2005. This title was delivered by the CSSF (ref. 0000019) for the following status:

    Primary IT systems operator in the Financial sector

    Secondary IT systems operator and ICT in the financial sector

    Client communication agent

    Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is specialized in the mechanic of loans and payments IT systems, Institution, electronic currency, pension funds, OPC, Insurance companies.

    We also offer services related to the IT processing and data transfer for these kinds of companies.

    This PSF certification gives us the opportunity to bring you services with a very high level of quality. This quality is guaranteed by the following points:

    Monitoring done by internal and external audit

    Monitoring done by the CSSF

    Strict rules of management


      Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is a part of the international group “GFI Informatique”.

      GFI Informatique is one the most important European player in the IT software and IT solutions. (18.000 collaborators, 1500M€ Sales revenue, 20 countries). The strategic position of GFI Informatique is to alternate between International companies and niche companies.

      With its very versatile profile, GFI Informatique offers to its clients an unique combination of proximity, sectorial organization and high quality.

      GFI Informatique is implanted throughout France with 40 agencies distributed between 3 mains areas. They are also implanted in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire and much more.

      GFI Informatique choose to develop a strategy based on a consistent sectorial approach. This strategy helps to answer the new requirement of the market, who is more and more focused on the knowledge rather than only focusing on the technology.