Gfi Luxembourg S.A.

    33, rue d’Eich

    L-1461 Luxembourg

    +352 43 65 22-1

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    Reach us from Belgium

    Go through the border office of Sterpenich, following the “Luxembourg” direction. Take the n°4 “Luxembourg Centre/Strassen” highway exit.

    At the traffic lights, take the Strassen Direction.

    After 200 meters, turn right, take the “Reckenthal/Rollingergrund” direction. Go straight for 2km and then turn left on the “Muhlenbach/Eich, Echternach/Diekirch” direction.

    Cross 4 traffic lights while following the  “Place d’argent” signs, turn left “Etttelbruck-Diekirch”.

    Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is on your left, on the 33 rue d’Eich

    Reach us from France

    Go through the Border office of Dudelange, following the “Luxembourg” signs.

    Take the highway exit of Luxembourg-ville. On the roundabout, go straight, take the “Luxembourg centre” direction.

    After 5 traffic lights, turn left towards the center. At the crossroad, turn right and take the bridge.

    Go in the tunnel and then go on the right lane. Go down the “Côte d’Eich” following the “Place d’Argent” direction.

    Go straight until you reach the traffic lights, following the “Ettelbruck-Diekirch” direction.

    Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is on your left, number 33 in the rue d’Eich.

    Reach us from Germany

    Take the A1 Highway, towards “Luxembourg”

    When you are getting close from Luxembourg town, take the highway exit of Echternach, at the end of the exit, turn left to “Luxembourg”.

    Keep driving on the road through the forest, when you are out of the forest, go across 4 traffic lights. When reaching a traffic light in front of a Q8 gas station, turn right, GFI Luxembourg S.A. will be on your right, at the number 33 rue d’Eich.