Digital Document Management

  • You want to harmonize your internal and external comunication?

  • You have so much incoming data that you can’t keep track of all of them?

  • You want an archiving system that is really efficient?

  • You’re wondering what is the best way to reach your customers?

  • You want to learn which communication channel is the best to reach your customers?


We live in a world where the amount of data we collect is growing day by day.

This is a goldmine, but it is often very hard to find the information you need in the mass. We asked ourselves to see if we could find a tool used to inform and stay in touch with all of our customers and collaborators.

This tool is called DDM. The principle of the DDM is to organize all the data feed in a clear manner. It is a precious tool to improve the highly coveted “Customer & Employee experience”.

Gather all your data at the same spot:

Every day, as an organization, you receive and release huge amounts of data. This data can be digital or on paper.

To make it simple, all of your data and communication flows can be divided into 3 mains parts:

-the external communication

-the internal communication

-the archiving

The goal is to make these three parts works together perfectly, and the DDM is the tool that will give you the opportunity to do that.

A DDM solution allows you to create, manage, store, find and deliver documents in a customized, efficient and automatized way. You can optimize your whole documents management/communication processes.

Some useful functionnalities

Smart documents

Enrich your informative documents, like offers, by transforming them into smart dynamics documents. This gives the opportunity to your client to simulate his purchase directly on the document before actually purchasing it.

Centralized management of your documents’ template:

Different headquarters or sales point use templates defined by the main headquarters. The document only needs to be made one time, everybody works with the same version and you can be sure to use a uniform approach towards the outside world.

Automatic pairing with your CRM, ERP

Each document is automatically read in your database or accounting software. It allows to interconnect all your operational application and organize the big jigsaw of data. By storing correctly all these data, you can approach each one of your clients in a personalized manner.

Encryption of legal documents

Your information need to be protected, if you follow the RGPD and the European regulation, your clients will feel more confident.

Cration of smart forms online:

Having an interactive communication with your clients allows you to react more quickly. Both of the communication with the clients and the intern processing of your documents will be improved. You really need a signature? You can now get it digitally and you won’t lose your time anymore. 

Multi-channel approach

Nowadays, you have to use plenty of channels to get in contact with your clients. As a company, you must be able to keep track of all of them. For example, there mustn’t be any differences between the communication used in your emailing campaigns and the one used in your social medias.

DDM gives you the opportunity to harmonize perfectly your information and your communication and be ready to interact with your clients at any time on every channel depending on their needs.

Gfi Luxembourg S.A. as a partner

As a one-stop-shop, we are able to integrate and harmonize perfectly all of our solutions. When our competitors often only offer one solution, we sell a complete digital eco-system.

Your flow of documents and information merge together. Your clients and employees will then experience the digital world they deserve.

Our digital document management solution take care of all your incoming data, your internal workflows and your archiving system. This erase the inherent complexity of managing huge amounts of documents and information, you will then have more time to focus on the activities that really matter to you.