Finance, Administration, and accounting software


– Get all the information in real time with a very intuitive graphic environment.

– DeMasy is a Multi-currency, multi-period, multi-company, and multilingual app.

– You can control desktop tools (excel, word, openoffice…) from DeMasy.

– Dynamic management of the juridical, commercial and financial relations.

– Planning and monitoring of the implementation of new offers.

– Registering and promotion of the working hours with estimation of the profitability in real time.

– Automatic invoicing of your clients.

– Manage your deadlines in an interactive way.

– Creation of multiline bank transfers

– Extended general accounting

– Automatic evaluation of the balance sheet

– Integrated financial accounting (shares-wallet, forex, ..)

– Available on your environment or on the RealCloud (our solution of cloud storage)

– Net value of inventory of the OPCVM (FIS,SICAR..)

– Automatic accounting entries generation

– Management of the assets

– Management of the insurance contracts

– Integration of commercial flows

– New charts of account

– Compliance module with HYC, Blacklist, Risk Management, document generation

– Electronic deposit of the financial statements E-CDF and FAIA


DeMasy is a modular app:

 Your licenses are established depending on your needs and on the modules you will use.

All the DeMasy’s Modules work with an unique database.


Are you looking for a solution based on a financial approach that take in consideration vigilance measures and risks management for your clients?

Are you subject to Anti money laundering requirements?

DeMasy Compliance is an efficient, fast and easy to use solution that you can customize the way you need to.

DeMasy Compliance is a modular app available in a standalone version or completely integrated to your DeMasy solution.


– A software developed with Microsoft’s latest tools (DotNET)

– Relational database (SQL server)

– Works on different setups: one computer, on a network or in remoteaccess and cloud. (Crystal Report)

– Customizable interfaces

– Protection of the data

– Importation of penalty lists from EU, USA and the UN available

– Exportation of your reports in Excel.


Des professionnels à votre service

– Expert are available to answer your questions

– Custom-made analysis and audit

– A help-desk (+ remote maintenance)

Gfi Luxembourg S.A. has a PSF certification.