Banking integration System 


The integrated banking system IBSY gives to the bank and financial institutions a complete solution to support them in their decision-making process. Audit tools are also provided.

Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is the best partner for all the Banking world actors due to its online approach.

Indeed, with IBSY, The bank’s board can consult and validate a detailed or global situation in real time. These decisions are made depending on intern settings that you will previously set.

This solution can be implemented in the most complex banking environment.

IBSY is a multilingual system, providing custom made services to the bank and their clients.

IBSY is also a multi-currency software that process transaction, gives information about assesments and helps to create accounting analysis.

IBSY answers the Front-Office requirements but also focus on the quality of the back office that needs to be perfect.

With IBSY, executives can monitor their company. All the informations they need in order to take the right decisions are provided to them. To guarantee the pertinence and the quality of the inspection, control protocol are available.

IBSY can process every type of banking operation in every currency. It is directly monitored by the bank. IBSY hosts an efficient and complete management system who will fits to the internal and externals exigencies while being reachable at any time.

GFI Luxembourg S.A. develops, sells and maintains the IBSY package. They offer a great so that the implementation of IBSY within your company is smooth.

After more than 25 years of experience with banks in Luxembourg, Gfi Luxembourg S.A. will be your best ally in your digitalization process.

Real-time efficiency

IBSY provides tools to bankers from low to high level. Firstly, the customer support can be extended at any time with gives you a non-negligible competitive advantage. The quality of this service has a strong impact on the company’s profitability.  

IBSY’s banking treatments are really fast, complete and precise. The risks are clearly defined at any time. Monitoring tools are available to the board and helps them take the rights decisions.

A complete integration

IBSY is a global banking package, it makes the collaboration between your IT systems and the Bank management more efficient.

The Banker gets the access to the information he needs in real time, which is a very important factor when you have to take decisions really fast.


IBSY is a very flexible solution who will fits to all the variations that can occur within your company. This system will foster proactive behavior from your employees because taking decisions will be less complicated.

All these profitability goals can be reached with a steady number of employees, no matter if they are in a rush of activity or if they have to face an emergency situation.

Finally, IBSY is multi-lingual and multi-currency, so they can adapt to any banking environment, even the most complicated one.


IBSY offers a simulation system, notably at the front-office level. This simulation improves the decision-making process within the different departments of the bank.


IBSY is a solution focused on the intern/extern exchanges. It is really easy to learn how to use it and complete your everyday tasks.

The training time is reduced, which means that costs are reduced as well.

After this short training, every user is able to handle correctly the software without any struggle.


Tools of operational monitoring and data processing are included in IBSY. IBSY understands these tools and use them to reduce the risk of mistakes during the typing of the data.

IBSY also follows are the legal requirements in regards to safety by providing a control of the access to the system, the transactions and the data.