Definition of the MiddleWare

MiddleWare is a third-party software who offers services between different computer application. The components of the middleware ensure the communication between the applications. It is very versatile because it can connects different kinds of computer, even if their informatic network, protocol network or operating system are different.

Middleware can be compared as the concrete that links bricks together.

MiddleWare support from Gfi Luxembourg S.A. (RMS)

RMS gives an advanced expertise about the main middleware products like applications, mobile company’s infrastructure, collaboration structure, “enterprise service bus”, security, storing and data protection.

The clients can focus on their primary activity while consolidating their middleware and monitor the cost that have an impact on the operational flows.

Our expertise covers everything : the conception, the implementation, the performance analysis, the support, the functional optimization.

MiddleWare’s microcosm

  • Web Server
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Application Server
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Messaging Oriented Middleware
  • Application Performance Management
  • Business Process management
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Database server
  • Security
  • Data protection
  • Virtualisation
  • Operating system

List of the concerned departments

  • Expert Integrated Systems (EIS),
  • Portal,
  • Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure : Automation and Storage,
  • IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS): Mess and Collaboration, Lotus
  • Analytics
  • Social SW & Unified Comm
  • Information Management: Data Management, InfoSphere
  • Rational,
  • Security.

Products handled by the MiddleWare’s microcosm

  • Web Server
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Application Server (WAS, WAS ND, JBOSS, TOMCAT)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (IBM Integration Bus)
  • Messaging Oriented Middleware (IBM WMQ)
  • Application Performance Management (Dynatrace)
  • Business Process management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Information Management (DB2, Informix, Oracle)
  • Security (Qradar, Guardium, AppScan, IBM Endpoint Manager)
  • Data protection (Tivoli Storage Manager)
  • Virtualisation (IBM VSC, Vmware)
  • Operating systems (AIX, Linux, zOS, iOS)

Methodology: description of Gfi Luxembourg S.A.’s MiddleWare supports.

– Services defined around 3 axles:


Middleware Engineering and production support

Management of the middleware processes

Service based in an operational frame:

Ressources scheduling and technical engagement

Scheduling of middleware system installation

Defining the topology and conception

Installation, configuration and customization

Functional integration and test support

Configuration change support

Loading test support

Deployment management support

DRP management support

Middleware system support

Middleware maintenance support

Organization of the GFI Luxembourg S.A.’s MiddleWare support