– OpenErp is a Belgian company created by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. It changed its name to Odoo in May 2014.

– This is the most downloaded open source ERP in the world with more than 2 million of users. Gfi Luxembourg S.A. is an Odoo “Ready Partner” since November 2013.


We have partnered with Odoo because this software is really easy to implement and very complete. The very well-rounded list of available options allows you manage correctly all the activities of your company at the fairest price.

No matter if you just need to implement a few options to your existing ERP or if you need a complete ERP, the installation can be done in a very short timeframe. Our advanced expertise of this software guarantee you to get the product that suits the best to your needs.


Odoo is a solution that is completely modular, which confers it a significant advantage over its competitors. You can start with only a few options, and later on if you to need improve the range of options, you just have to add more module to the ERP. The ERP adapts to your company and not the opposite! 

Thanks to its APIs, Odoo can be connected to any web or app portal.


– Friendly and intuitive, Odoo allows you to focus on your important tasks. Handling this solution is really easy.

– There is no license cost. You get a personalized and secured access where each user has his own functionalities.

– There is a CMS module available in this software that take care of the website’s management, chatbot and much more functionalities (purchase management, projects management, warehouse management, sales points, human resources, campaign, marketing, accounting & finance, CRM, billing, apps generator).

– Odoo follows the norms related to the payments in Europe thanks to its module dedicated to generating bank transfers to your supplier in the SEPA formats.

– Odoo works very well with the google eco-systems (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet and so on), the connection with the social medias is also well-executed.

– Our Document management solution “Rflow” can be implemented

– Odoo benefits from a worldwide network and is present in 110 countries; We can guarantee a support at any time. If you subscribe to a maintenance contract, all the bug fixing, migrations and technological watch.


– Commercialisation and distribution

– Installation and hosting

– Managing your implementation project

– Methodology and project management

– Choice of the modules that suits the best to your company’s needs

– Analysis and configuration

– Customization and development of specific modules.

– Data migration

– Training course

– Support after the installation

–  Technical aftercare and functional evolution (the list of available modules keeps growing) of the standard modules developed by Odoo. This support in the long run makes the difference the competitors.