Most of the cloud storage provider don’t let you know where all your data is stored. However, Gfi Luxembourg S.A. guarantees you that your data will stay within Luxembourg.

Our partner is EDH located at “La Cloche d’Or”. The added value of this offer is found in the quality control and discipline offered with this service. You can be sure that your data will be stored in the safest conditions possible and in Luxembourg.

Depending on your needs, we will provide the best Cloud system based on IBM, VMware, Cisco technologies.


You can start with a limited environment and then reach a complete environment that follows the CSSF requirements for the banking institution. (GFI Luxembourg S.A. has the PSF certification)



– You don’t need to manage the Cloud infrastructure, not even the functionalities that you’re using.

– You choose the apps you want in our catalogue ( Desktop tools, instant chat, management of your company data, accounting etc)

– You can start working way earlier than if you were implementing a storage system in your own offices.


Attractive prices

– You transform your investment costs into operational costs. You don’t have to take care of the maintenance of your storage system.

– You can control your budget with an invoicing depending on your evolution.

– Setting up your system totally automated.


– Our Cloud center are “Tier-IV Datacentres Certified”.

– There is a complete redundant network between two Datacenters.

– Safe platform


– You can choose between an “On premises” or “As a service” solution (private or shared).

– You choose the functionalities you need, we take care of everything else.

– Evolve depending on your needs

– Using our solution allows you to adapt more easily to the technologics and structural changes.

– “green Spirit”, you reduce your carbon footprint.

– An entire support team is dedicated to help you.