Customized for each customer

Each user set his own virtual desk in a very simple way, he just has to do some drag and drop to create his customized workplace.

Versatile use

This portal isn’t only working with Rflow’s data. It can process data coming from any platform or flux. This is why you can use Rflow as a unique portal and process all the data from it.

Instant data processing

All the information are shown instantly and can be reached very easily. The results are displayed in different ways (text,lists, charts) depending on your personal preferences.

With Rflow, you won’t waste your time finding information anymore.

Intuitive and ergonomic

Drag and drop, functionalities folder adapted to the user’s profile. There is no standard menu, everything is customizable. Overall, the solution is very intuitive and easy to use.

Browse and find everything you need in your database:

You can reach all the data you need through the portal. You can find them by using screening criterias or with a full-text research.

Responsive Design

You can reach Rflow with every web browser. No heavy clients and a total independence from any platform/operating system.

Rflow for all

Rflow answers the needs of clients coming from various sectors (bank, insurance, services, industry, businesses, health, institutions etc.) and can be easily integrated with an application like a CRM or an ERP. The PSF (Professional of the Finance Sector) certification allows us to work in the financial field.