Company Hub

A mobile solution that provides company data from whichever source, to your employees in a secured and flexible way.

Everything that matters to your employees in the palm of their hands

Company Hub is a unique mobile solution, designed and developed by the Innovation Center of the Gfi group. It provides an integrated access to company information relevant for each employee, on mobile devices (internal and external to the company) .

The platform supports the latest version of the 3 major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Company Hub is able to use the user information, geo-location and all of the business context of the user to display the most relevant information on a mobile device.

Gfi has developed connectors that provide contextual information, from different sources and applications, to a mobile device that is easy to use, such as: CRM, SharePoint, Yammer, SQL, server, but also Bing News, Google News, Reuters, Wikipedia, and so on.

Company Hub also addresses a wireless experience in all its characteristics. The user can find his information anywhere at any time on his/her mobile device. Even in non-connected mode.

Security is provided at all levels and in each layer of the company’s hub system. The latest mobile and web security standards were used to ensure maximum flexibility with security in mind.


Company Directory

The directory function adds contacts from various sources such as Active Directory, Office, Sharepoint, Yammer, etc.

Contextual business information

Combine various internal company news channels (e.g. Intranet, applications…) in context of the user


Combine various internal company news channels (e.g. Intranet, applications…) in context of the user

Applications management

Organizes your mobile enterprise applications


Allows the user to manage simple workflows that are connected to the business processes of the organization (for example holiday approvals), document management, etc.



KPI’s of the company displayed in a format of mobile dashboard.



  • No high upfront investment. Built and running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, it combines flexibility (SaaS) and offers the best experience in a setting of mobility.
  • No maintenance required and always updated with the latest versions of the 3 major mobile platforms.
  • Scalability: any other application can also be connected to Company Hub through the development of specific connectors.

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