The Federation of Notaries (Credoc) requested Gfi to rebuild a new e-Notary site from the ground up. This site is daily consulted by all Notaries and associates (+/- 10.000 users) to consult news, documents and applications.


Organization size

264 employees

Organization profile

The Federation acts as a research service in the following areas: the study of law, the development of the profession, the comprehensive quality of offices, the economic and social needs of the notary and the formation.

Software and services

  • Liferay Portal Platform
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Linux hosting platform
  • Javascript MVC
  • CSS3 / HTML 5

Vertical Industries





The Federation of Notaries wants to act as the preferred partner of the notary. In addition, the Federation provides information from the various entities of the Federation to both the notary and the notary clients, as well as the politicians, the media, the professions who deal with notaries and public institutions.

The Federation is at the service of the notary profession, including the notary offices, to assist in complex legal problems and make all kinds of databases available to the notary and his staff to consult during the preparation and drafting of documents (including information on physical and legal persons).

Customer Challenge

Being obsolete and with content which is difficult to manage, the existing e-Notary was up for replacement.

The Federation of Notaries (Credoc) has requested Gfi to rebuild a new e-Notary site from the ground up. This site is daily consulted by all Notaries and associates (+/- 10.000 users) to consult news, documents and applications.

Practicing the notary function requires plenty of knowledge and research. During the course of the years the Federation of Notaries and the government made a number of web solutions available for researching information.

The Federation of Notaries offers several services to the Notary Office. Besides representing the Notary Office in national and international instances, the Federation also provides legal-, translation- and ICT services to 10.000 Notaries and associates.

In the last decade the Federation of Notaries has developed a portal solution comprising of the following components:

  • Legal and general news items;
  • Access to several web applications;
  • A series of documents;
  • Notary information.

After a period of time the Federation Portal became a focal point because:

  • The technical knowledge of the portal was wearing thin;
  • Implementing new functionalities was expensive;
  • The user interface no longer lived up to today’s standards.


The Federation of Notaries had ordered a study which concluded that the Liferay portal was the most suitable option for the following reasons:

  • Functionally, Liferay has all relevant WCM and ECM components available;
  • The internal development department can support Liferay because of it being a Java based application;
  • Liferay support the Web-, Application- and Database technologies already being used;
  • The integration with existing software solutions has been simplified due to Liferay being an Open Source platform;
  • Liferay is a stable, flexible organisation with excellent Customer Service focus.


There has been chosen not to use one nor the other methodology. Both project methodologies are complementary to one another.

With Prince2 the project was managed from the steering group’s point of view, in other words the business side. Prince2 supported the project by delivering best practices related to the business management side of the project, namely aspects like risks, budget, quality, planning…

With Scrum methodology the several workloads (sprints) were effectively and efficiently realized.

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