Gfi at Patient Numérique on October 22nd

With this fifth seminar, Patient Numérique continues sharing experiences on the development of the medical and hospital sector and their impact on the Hospital Information System. This year, they broadly focus on change management whether it is organizational, functional or technological.

Chronotime Healthcare

During this event Gfi will be present with a booth where we will explain how Gfi can help you to optimize your HR planning by valorizing our time management solution – Gfi Chronotime – and our Gfi added value approach for the Healthcare sector.

Healthcare: Gfi guides you through the decision making process

Gfi is a recognized partner in the Belgian hospital landscape, firmly mastering the technical and functional aspects of a modern hospital. We have successfully implemented an integrated solution for Business Intelligence and decision support in several hospitals, covering areas such as patient administration, pricing, the DI-RHM related hospital funding and human resources related issues such as payroll, clocking in, scheduling and activities.

Gfi offers an innovative approach in human resources planning. The data exchange between the different hospital systems and the integration into a datawarehouse will revolutionize the resource planning of physicians and the nursing staff.

Today, planning and staffing a hospital unit is essentially based on a legal framework, at least by type of function. Tomorrow, thanks to “Gfi Chronotime” and with the “Gfi BI added value edition”, the hospital will optimize HR planning being automatically connected to actual hospital activity (OR, techni-medical activities…).

Coupling the medical file and the more general patient file with the theoretical scheduling, will allow to better allocate the human resources of a hospital and ultimately improve patient care. The system will propose “just in time” adjustments to the resource planning in light of the planned hospital and medical activity. The system can also interact with the events occurring in the theoretical planning, such as a sudden lack of essential skills in the care unit.

It is therefore value for money considering the case mix of a patient base, movements in the care unit and care plans by using a list of patient care associated with time standards.

Through Chronotime and the addition of an on-board intelligence, HR planning will become dynamic and objective.

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Or come and see us at our Gfi booth during Patient Numérique on the 22nd October at MICX in Mons.