Mobile solutions

Make the most of the mobile (r)evolution!


The mobile evolution is exploiting a market that will experience exponential growth in the next few years. For companies this will bring about:

  • new opportunities,
  • new security threats,
  • new infrastructure challenges and
  • new types of applications

How Gfi can help you?

Gfi offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to maximize the opportunities, without losing control over the risks and costs. Gfi helps with:

  • Advice on how best to tackle today’s mobile challenges without taking additional risks
  • Applications for mobile devices and web applications:
    • Gfi has experience with the 3 major platforms (Windows, Android and iPhone) for both smartphones and tablet
    • Gfi can (help you) develop native, mobile and hybrid apps and supports you with the registration process at Apple and Google
  • Infrastructure: ‘mobile diversity management’: security and management as well as the installation of applications on the mobile devices
  • Accessing the information in your collaboration & information management environment while on the move. An example of one of our projects: the CEO of one of our clients wanted to be able to approve expense claims via his iPad, directly in the business application in which they were processed. We devised a solution to do just that.

Company Hub

Company hub combines and presents in a single mobile application, all information useful to employees which ever the source.

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