Total Contractors Portal

Gfi created a state of the art web application allowing external contractors to apply for security clearance to access Total Antwerp site and centralizing every step within the Total approval process.

Organization size

1.700 employees

Organization profile

Total is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company and second-largest solar energy operator with SunPower, with operations in more than 130 countries and over 100.000 employees.

Software and services

  • Scrum methodology
  • Microsoft .Net, SQL server, Single Page Application
  • C#, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • +6000 end users affected

Vertical Industries

Oil & Gas



Total, present in Belgium since 1920, is a major player in the Belgian economic landscape. 4500 employees work in the refinery and petrochemical sector, in new energies and the sale of petroleum products, specialties and earth gas. The historical offices of the Group are at the heart of the European quarter in Brussels.

The Antwerp platform is the gem of Total in refinery-petrochemicals, with over 1700 employees. As the 3rd largest European refinery she produces fuel and primary products destined for her 2 petrochemical units. She also supplies the factory of Feluy, the largest Total production site of polymers in Europe.

Customer Challenge

To allow an external contractor access to the Total Antwerp website, he has to go through an extensive approval process. Before today, this involved a huge amount of paper work. Multiple departments are responsible for different aspects in the approval process, for which there is no centralized archiving place inside the Total administration. As a result, contractor employees are able to access the industrial site before being fully approved.


Gfi created a state of the art web application centralizing every step within the access approval process into one place. A role-user-management systems allows different approval steps to be managed by pre-defined users without other departments having to interfere. A new centralized database hold information on the contractor, his employees and even the necessary documents for approval to enter any Total website. Quick overview screens allow a fast search to see who can enter the Total industrial sites, who cannot and the reasons why.

Gfi also implemented an integrated mail system to keep both Total users as well as the contractors updated on their current status within the new application.


  • Centralized data
  • Easy management
  • Quick overview
  • No more paper
  • Automated approval steps
  • No time waste
  • Improved collaboration between departments

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