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Since 1998, Gfi has been Toyota’s unique partner to manage 96 websites in 50+ countries. Gfi was responsible for the “Toyota Site Builder” project.

Gfi migrated all Toyota websites onto one centralized and newly designed website, allowing control and coordination from one central place.

Organization size

2.075 employees

Organization profile

Toyota Motor Europe is the European headquarter of the Japanese car manufacturer. It houses key activities for Toyota and Lexus in Europe and acts as the nerve centre for manufacturing and engineering, marketing and sales activities in over 48 countries all over Europe, supported by 28 National Marketing & Sales Organisations, 3000 Outlets and 9 production plants. Together with General Motors, Toyota competes for the title of biggest car-maker of the world.

Software and services

  • SDL Tridion
  • Agile (SCRUM)
  • ASP.Net, C#
  • SDL Tridion Web Server
  • Gfi custom tools, MS Visual Studio

Vertical Industries




Customer Challenge

In 1998, Toyota wanted tools for the creation, maintenance, and localisation of the Toyota websites, spread over 47 countries worldwide. In 2001, Toyota decided to switch to XML. In 2004, Toyota migrated to the SDL Tridion WCM application. Over the next years, as the websites of Toyota started to look outdated and unorganised, actions needed to be taken to optimise content organisation. They needed a simple site design that reflects brand and maximises  value of content and functionality across sites, and allows quick and cost efficient content creation and update.

Toyota’s goal was to migrate all Toyota websites as smooth and as quick as possible to new design versions based upon new templates. All actions need to be coordinated and controlled from one central place.


Since 1998, Gfi has been Toyota’s unique partner to manage 96 websites in 50+ countries. Gfi was responsible for the “Toyota Site Builder” project. In 2001, Gfi migrated TSB to the XML based TXB. In 2004, Gfi migrated all content to SDL Tridion CMS, including development of non-standard tools and multi-source publishing. Since then, Gfi has been responsible for all new website versions (project management, development, integration, documentation, maintenance, and support).

The last migration is “V9”, where Gfi did central planning and management of all websites covering project communication, planning and follow-up, risk and change management. This version includes new technologies like youtube movies, social network sharing, facebook “like”, “rate this”, google maps, and mobile websites.


  • One-stop-shop webpartner
  • Professional migration projects
  • Strong in-house development capacity
  • Introduction of new technologies (social software, web2.0, mobile)
  • Gathering valuable marketing data
  • User-friendly customer interaction
  • Focus on usability
  • Fraud prevention
  • Strong brand reflection
  • Maximisation of content value

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